Eagle Supply Radix Team Wheel

Eagle Supply Radix Team Wheel



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Product Description

Eagle Supply pro scooter wheels have been hand poured in the Netherlands since early 2008, and their non scooter wheels going all the way back to 1993. Their dedication to the sport of scootering has brought forth wheels featuring great quality, and design. The Radix Team wheels are no exception. This wheel features a unique core design that's been in the lab for quite some time. Radix refers to the size of the wheel, which is 115mm in diameter, by 30mm in width. The larger width will give riders a bigger balance point for manuals, and fakies (going backwards). It will also give your deck more clearance on the left and right side of your deck, allowing for washout free fakies/halfcabs, and less pitted carves in transition.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 115mm
  • Core Width: 30mm
  • Urethane Width: 30mm
  • Core Material: Aluminum
  • Urethane Rating: Medium (rating from Eagle)
  • Bearings included: Yes, Eagle Performance 608 RS Bearings
  • Sold: Individually

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