Midnight Scythe Bar

Midnight Scythe Bar

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Product Description

The Midnight Scythe Bar is made out of heat treated 4130 chromoly steel and is 24" wide, and 29.5" tall. It is only available in a standard diameter, and doesn't come with a preinstalled slit. This means that it will be compatible with SCS straight out of the box, and can run IHC if you were to install a slit. The Moon Emblem on the front is a really nice touch; clean branding that's more permanent than a sticker shouldn't go underappreciated. Finally, the Scythe bar is made by riders in the small town of Florence, MA, so be sure to pick up a bar to support a small rider owned company!

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 3.4 lbs
  • Width: 24"
  • Height: 29.5"
  • Material:  Heat Treated 4130 Chromoly
  • Outer Bar Diameter: Standard
  • Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
  • Stock Compression compatibility: SCS
  • Stock Slit: No
  • Shape/Profile: T-bar


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