North Signal Wheels - 115mm x 30mm

North Signal Wheels - 115mm x 30mm

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Product Description

The North Signal wheels are a sight to behold, featuring a classic spoked design with an extremely appealing silver accent right before the urethane. The urethane on these wheels are rated at 88a, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that your wheel will be durable and smooth. North believes so much in their wheels that they even offer a life time warranty for them!

The size of the wheels are 115mm x 30mm wide, this allows for easier manuals as you have a wider base to do so, and a little more clearance for those wider decks. Or in other words, you won't be scraping the left or right side of your deck on the floor when you're turning or going backwards. Although, if you have not gotten with the program yet, they do also come in a 110mm x 24mm size!

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 11.3 oz per wheel
  • Size: 115mm x 30mm
  • Core Width: 30mm
  • Urethane Width: 30mm
  • Core Material: Aluminum 
  • Urethane Rating: 88a
  • Bearings included: YES
  • Sold as: Pairs

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