PROTO TDI Deck End Kit - 6" Wide

PROTO TDI Deck End Kit - 6" Wide

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Product Description

Made specifically for the PROTO Saturn Deck, deck ends are a natural extension of the decks back end that help reinforces and protect your deck’s drop-outs. As opposed to the regular wear and tear of dropouts on a regular deck and the cost of replacing an entire one-piece deck/neck assembly, deck ends allow for easy replacement at a minimal cost as well as maximize your decks lifespan.

Product Specifications

Note: This is just the Deck End Kit. To create a Full Deck you will need the following; NeckDeck, Deck End Kit, and Brake (any brake with a vertical brake bolt pattern will fit the deck). We recommend the PROTO UBS Brake hardware as well: PROTO UBS Brake Replacement Hardware Kit.

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