Indo Pro Trampoline Scooter

Indo Pro Trampoline Scooter



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Product Description

The Pro version of the Indo trampoline scooter is designed to feel similar to an actual scooter. Indo achieved this by increasing the weight of the scooter by 3.09 lbs, and increasing the size of the handlebars by 3" in height. The deck also got a facelift, now coming in at 24.8" long (20.5" actual foot space), and 7" wide. Even though the Pro is designed to feel like an actual scooter, it couldn't be farther away from one. The deck is made out of foam, which will allow riders to try extremely hard tricks without fear of getting hit by the deck. The scooter itself is also extremely light weight, coming in at only 5 lbs. This is lighter than our lightest build by a fair bit. So who is this scooter for? It's for anybody with a trampoline who wants to have some fun. The scooter is extremely fun, and it will help you understand the mechanics of tricks before trying them on your actual scooter. So if you're tired of failed buttercups, or if you just want know what it feels like to throw 8 whips in one air, definitely give this one a try, you won't regret it.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Bar Width: 21"
  • Bar Height: 29"
  • Deck Length: 24.8" (20.5" in foot space)
  • Deck Width: 7" 
  • Bar Material: Aluminum 
  • Level of assembly: Easy
  • Tools/Hardware included: screws, washers and other parts for assembly (plastic bag)

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