Damaged or Defective Items

Did you receive a defective or damaged item?

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All manufacturers' defects must be reported within seven days of receiving merchandise. When the damage claim is confirmed, the patron must prepare the merchandise for return shipment. The Vault Pro Scooters will arrange a pickup of all returns on manufacturers' defects, which will be sent directly to the manufacturer. In some cases, we will only need to send the customer replacement parts without having to return the original purchase. This is determined based on written damage claims and photos on a case-by-case basis.


If it is required for a defective or damaged item to be returned to us, The Vault Pro Scooters will provide the patron with a return label to be placed on the return package. The Vault Pro Scooters is not responsible for any manufacturers’ defects but may facilitate such claims on behalf of our patrons. It is important to understand that product defects are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and patrons agree to indemnify The Vault Pro Scooters from such claims.

Patrons typically do not need to return the initial merchandise because replacement parts might suffice to fix most damaged or defective problems. If a replacement part is warranted, a new scooter will not be sent under any circumstances. The Vault Pro Scooters will not assume responsibility for any products shipped to us from patrons who have not received authorization from The Vault Pro Scooters. DO NOT send products to The Vault Pro Scooters for returns, refunds, or replacements without first receiving written approval to do so.

Replacement parts and/or scooters are sent through the same shipping process as the initial order. Although we try to quickly process all warranties and damage claims, be advised it can take up to three weeks for the patron to receive replacements from the manufacturer.

For convenience purposes, The Vault Pro Scooters may authorize patrons to have repairs completed at a patrons’ local scooter workshop, if available. The Vault Pro Scooters will then reimburse the patron for all repair expenses only if, the patron provides a receipt or invoice. A representative of The Vault Pro Scooters must approve any such repairs in advance with written approval. Be advised these repairs are subject to review and The Vault Pro Scooters reserves the right to determine legitimacy of such expenses and will only reimburse a reasonable rate for all such parts and services.