SCT USA Bearing Kit

SCT USA Bearing Kit

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Product Description

Nothing sucks more than breaking a headset or even a wheel bearing. When you break a headset bearing usually your only resort is to buy an entire new headset since there isn't a lot of companies that sell individual headset bearings! The same thing happens with wheel bearings, unless one of your friends has a spare bearing or two, you'll have to buy a new set just to replace the one broken one. Scoot USA wanted to resolve this common issue by creating a kit that comes with 2 replacement headset bearings, and 4 wheel bearings that you can keep in the garage or even the backpack you take to the skatepark so you'll never be empty handed. This is the perfect gift for someone who works on their scooter a lot or for someone who frequently breaks their bearings. 

Product Specifications

  • 2 Headset Bearings
  • 4 ABEC 9 Bearings
  • 2 axle spacers
  • 1 SCT Sticker
  • Reusable BOX

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