Slushcult Grom Fingerboard Complete - Shit Happens

Slushcult Grom Fingerboard Complete - Shit Happens

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Product Description

The hunt for a hobby that won't drain your bank of every last penny is a struggle. Fingerboarding can do so, but that's where Slushcult's Grom Fingerboard Completes save the day! At just $27.95, they allow entry-level fingerboards to enter the scene, learn the correct techniques and form, and, above all, have fun. Even though the Grom completes are priced for entry-level fingerboarders, advanced riders will also enjoy them! The Grom comes equipped with single-axle metal trucks, a 5-ply deck with medium concave and kicks, and polyurethane wheels with preinstalled bearings. This all comes pre-assembled, but you must grip the fingerboard with the included foam sheet.

All graphics on the Grom completes are limited edition, so if you love the graphic, be sure to buy two because they're not coming back!

Product Specifications

  • Deck Length: 98mm
  • Deck Width: 34mm
  • # of Plies: 5
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane w/bearings
  • Included: 2 Foam tapes, and tool included

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