Yellowood Y2 Fingerboard Y-Wheels - Blue

Yellowood Y2 Fingerboard Y-Wheels - Blue



Product Description

Y-Wheels, made by the famous Yellowood brand. Handcrafted with love from Portugal, Spain. These Y-Wheels utilize a 60D urethane mixture, lathed to 7.6mm in size. The dual ABEC7 pre-lubricated bearing is designed with a one-sided dust shield to protect the bearings while giving you a smoother roll! Each wheel is hand painted using a specialty graphic process to be as realistic to skateboard wheels as possible!

Product Specifications

  • Note: Y-Wheels are only compatible with Y-Trucks! They will not work with any other Fingerboard trucks!
  • These wheels come with the following:
  • Eight bearings
  • Plastic jewelry box
  • Four wheels
  • Urethane: 60D hardness
  • Manufacturing process: Professionally lathe
  • Bearing Variation: Dual Bearing (Specific to Y-Trucks ONLY)
  • ABEC Rating: ABEC7
  • Truck C

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