BullGod Premium Fingerboard Complete - スケートボード

BullGod Premium Fingerboard Complete - スケートボード

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Product Description

スケートボード means skateboard in Japanese, and is a favorite amongst their graphics. BullGod's Premium Fingerboard Completes includes a deck with extreme pop and great control. Its premium trucks turn like a real skateboard and even allow users to customize how loose or tight they'd like their trucks. The trucks also use very soft o-ring bushings so no upgrades are necessary. Finally, the complete rolls on BullGod's fast and stable Slim wheels. Slims have a harder durometer which makes for a more responsive ride, and fun for powerslides.

Product Specifications

  • Deck Width: 32mm or 34mm
  • Truck Width: 32mm
  • Wheel Material: Plastic
  • Included: Thin Tape, Tool for assembly, BullGod stickers

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