Video Review: VOLK | “LOCKED IN”

January 4, 2022

Video Review: VOLK | “LOCKED IN”


VOLK is an apparel company and crew from Southern California composed of Wyatt Soto, Dom Dimatteo, Devin Pelphrey, Sam Hetherington, and Austin McCaine. The majority of the riders live in the Long Beach area and can often be found riding El Dorado skatepark when not out in the streets or experiencing the many parks that So Cal offers. Living in Long Beach myself for a few years and riding since the late 2000’s with Dom, Devin, and Sam; I am hyped to watch what these foos put together for their first - hopefully not last - full length. 

VOLK may not have crossed your path yet but with a premier at the Affinity warehouse and streaming on the industry respected, Trendkill Collective’s, youtube  -  y’ardy know this crew is going to keep the heat coming.

Before we get to the video I reached out to Wyatt and Dom to get a little more insight on the project.

“Volk started with me and Andy in 2018. We made a batch of shirts and some stickers to start. Then me and Andy kinda had different visions for what we wanted to do and I just sorta took over. The crew decided we wanted to film a legit video and try to get Volk’s name out there. We really started filming in like March of 2020 and everything just started shutting down due to Covid. It was slow for the first couple of months but once everyone had more free time, we were going out consistently with not just the crew but all the homies. We wanted originally to try and release everything right after the new year but looking back, glad we didn’t. We still had a lot of work to do. A lot of the clips that made it into the final video were filmed this year. Taking those extra months allowed us to put out something that we were more into and proud of. Dom can vouch for the editing and everything, it was crazy. Thousands of clips and files loaded up onto his computer. It was hard to keep track of everything and even after all this, there were a few clips that slipped through the cracks and didn't make it in. For the most part, Dom killed it all around. It wouldn’t have been possible without him.”

- Wyatt Soto

“I would like to give thanks to Wyatt and Dev for having the vision to start making videos with the boys. None of this would have happened without them. Wyatt hit me up to film and edit and I was down right off the bat. A lot of long days of riding and long nights capping footage. The whole process was as crazy as Wyatt said. Thankfully, Devin and Jacob Bokelman did a sh*t load of filming separately and it came in so clutch. Dev was playing catchup clip wise in the beginning but by the end he had a ton. Steeze took us to a bunch of south county spots which was also crucial, a lot of good stuff came out of those sessions. But yeah I don’t even know what else to say lmao.”

- Dom Dimatteo

Peep the video in its entirety below or scroll down to read the review and notes as I was watching for the first time.