Alex Lopez

Alex Lopez

Hometown: Camarillo, California

Born: October 27, 1998

Current Set Up

Deck: Native 6.25 x 22.5 Deck

Bars: Tilt Scout Bars

Fork: Tilt Tomahawk Fork

Wheels: Tilt Wheels

Grips: Hella Grip Summit Grips

Clamp: Native Stem SCS

Grip tape: Vault Grip Tape

Headset: Vault Velocity



Who are your current sponsors

The Vault Pro Scooters, BK Design Lab, + Kinetic Cult

What is your local park

Camarillo Skatepark but I never go there lol. I go to Fillmore the most probably.

Who was your favorite rider growing up

Stefan Hefner and Matt Mckeen

Favorite place to travel to for a scooter trip

SF def

Best moment you've had in your scooter career

Both the original Kinetic video + 100k on the odometer premieres that I created. All of my and my boys' hard work shown on a grand scale for the entire community to come together and watch was the best.