Lucas Di Meglio

Lucas Di Meglio

Hometown: Maurepas, France

Born: February 18, 1999

Current Set Up

Deck: NKD Lucas Di Meglio Signature Deck

Bars: Prime Trigger T-Bar

Fork: Prime Vortex Fork

Wheels: NKD Rally Wheels

Grips: Tilt Meta Grips

Clamp: Prime Flash SCS Clamp

Grip tape: Dissidence Big Coarse Grip Tape

Headset: Prime Whirlwind Headset



Who are your current sponsors

NKD Scooters, The Vault and Prime Scootering

What is your local park

My local Skatepark is the Tridim Skatepark in Maurepas, France

Who was your favorite rider growing up

Reece Doezema

Favorite place to travel to for a scooter trip

I like the USA so much! I would like to go to Florida one day, I like the vibes of places like Miami & Orlando! I think that will be my favorite place to ride soon :)

Best moment you've had in your scooter career

The biggest moment for me is when I won the street world championship in 2021! All of my friends and my family supported me so much and I thank them so much for that moment!