Nate Pena

Nate Pena

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

Born: November 21, 2002

Current Set Up

Deck: Fuzion Entropy 2.0 Boxed Deck

Bars: TV Titanium T-Bar

Fork: Fuzion Paradox Fork

Wheels: Fuzion THICC BOYS Wheels

Grips: Aztek Grips

Clamp: Tilt Classic SCS Clamp

Grip tape: Hella Grip

Headset: TV Velocity Headset



Who are your current sponsors

The Vault, Fuzion, Ohlay Brand, S1 Helmets, SCTUSA

What is your local park

My backyard

Who was your favorite rider growing up

Dylan Morrison

Favorite place to travel to for a scooter trip


Best moment you've had in your scooter career

Getting 2nd place in the ISA North American contest.