Revin Cachat

Revin Cachat

Hometown: Temecula, California

Born: May 16th, 2007

Current Set Up

Deck: Lucky Prospect Deck

Bars: Lucky x Affinity Ti Bars

Fork: Aztek Circa V3 Fork

Wheels: Lucky Tanner Fox Wheels

Grips: Lucky 2.0 Grips

Clamp: Lucky Double Clamp

Grip tape: TV Grip Tape

Headset: TV Velocity II Headset



Who are your current sponsors

Lucky Scooters, The Vault, S1 Helmets, Tortoise Pads

What is your local park

My Backyard

Who was your favorite rider growing up

Chris Farris

Favorite place to travel for a scooter trip

Woodward West

Best moment you've had in scootering

Winning Jr Worlds Twice