AO Kozlov Goat Signature Deck - 7" Wide

AO Kozlov Goat Signature Deck - 7" Wide

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Product Description

Kostya Kozlov is an incredible rider from Moscow, Russia. His name in English means, goat, so the graphic on the deck is fitting. Kostya's deck comes with a completely flat bottom for smooth, and consistent grinds. Kostya's deck comes in a couple different sizes, this is the 7" variant. The extra width gives more foot space for comfort, and more room to lock into grinds! This size is for riders committed to pushing their boundaries; new grinds will be unlocked with this deck, and tricks in and out of them will become a breeze. However, this large of deck will be less responsive, and agile. It doesn't make tricks impossible, but it will make them harder to learn.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 22.5": 5 lbs 5.6 oz
    23" 5 lbs 6 oz
  • Length: 22.5", 23"
  • Width: 7"
  • Footspace: 22.5" 15.5"
    23": 16"
  • Headtube Manufacturing Process: Forged
  • Headtube Angle: 84
  • Axle Size Compatibility: M8
  • Wheel Diameter Compatibility: Up to 125mm
  • Wheel Width Compatibility: 24mm, 30mm, and 12 STD
  • Peg Compatibility: Front: Yes, Back: No
  • 12 STD Compatibility: Yes
  • Grip Tape Included: No
  • Hardware/Brake Included: Fender, M8 axle, 24mm, 30mm, and 12 STD spacers are included

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