Aztek Architect XL Wheels - 30mm Wide

Aztek Architect XL Wheels - 30mm Wide



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Product Description

The Architect XL wheels are some of the lightest 30mm wide wheels on the market. 30mm wide wheels are beneficial as they provide a wider platform for manuals, and riding fakie (going backwards). The wider wheel also offers a larger amount of clearance for the sides of your deck. That means you don't have to get as pitted if you're carving a bowl, and you'll wash out less when you're going backwards! If wider wheels have interested you, but the weight held you back from pulling the trigger on a pair, the Architect XL wheels are for you!

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 1.26 lbs for the pair
  • Size: 115mm
  • Core Width: 30mm
  • Urethane Width: 30mm
  • Core Material: Aluminum
  • Urethane Rating: Not Rated
  • Bearings included: Yes
  • Sold as: Pairs

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