Blackriver 7 Ply Fingerboard Complete - Phillip Gerisch Snail

Blackriver 7 Ply Fingerboard Complete - Phillip Gerisch Snail

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Product Description

Phillip's signature graphic started out on a big fingerboard for your feet, but it's now time for it to be on a true fingerboard! The graphic was created with the help of artist, Manuel Ehmig (Instagram @voidobiov). Blackriver Fingerboard Completes are comprised of some the highest quality parts in the industry. Their decks are handmade of Canadian maplewood and are developed by fingerboard professionals. The trucks are completely sourced from Germany, and are 100% assembled in the Blackriver HQ in Germany. This also allows Blackriver to have in house quality checks to give the end user the best product possible. The Low sizes have a more mellow degree of concave that will require more precision to flip the board as intended. The hardware included in Blackriver Fingerboard completes include eight mounting screws, lock nuts, foam tape, and a tool for assembly.

Product Specifications

  • Deck Width: 32mm, 33mm
  • Truck Width: 32mm for all deck widths
  • Wheel Material: Plastic
  • Included: Eight mounting screws, lock nuts, BR tool, and foam tape is included


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