Blackriver 7 Ply Fingerboard Complete - Dru Campos

Blackriver 7 Ply Fingerboard Complete - Dru Campos

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7 Ply


32mm Trucks

Product Description

Blackriver fingerboard components are handmade in Germany by fingerboarders, for fingerboarders. This is Dru Campos' signature 7 ply model that comes with the deck, Blackriver trucks, "Blank Street" wheels, foam tape, and the hardware needed to assemble everything. Dru is an incredible fingerboarder that doesn't know the stereotypical relationship between quality and quantity. Everything trick he does is quality, and he puts out a lot of it! Not even a superhero can stand between Dru and his next mind-blowing trick.

Product Specifications

  • Deck Width: 32mm or 33mm
  • Truck Width:  32mm for both sizes
  • Wheel Material: Plastic, "Blank Street" Wheels
  • Included: (8) Mountain Screws, Lock Nuts, and a Blackriver Fingerboard Tool

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