Blackriver Fingerboard 3.0 RAWmon Trucks - Ramon Angelow Signature

Blackriver Fingerboard 3.0 RAWmon Trucks - Ramon Angelow Signature

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Product Description

Blackriver's first signature trucks have been awarded to, Ramon Angelow, who is a good friend, teamrider, and passionate outdoor rider. Ramon's signature trucks come in a completely raw colorway to match the raw fingerboarding experience he brings to the street.

The original pro fingerboard trucks are back and revamped with reinforced steel single axles, strengthened lock-nuts, and thicker, reinforced baseplates. The level of detail on the 3.0s has also leveled up due to the embossed skull onto the baseplate. The popular name for these trucks is "BRT's". Handcrafted in Germany, these trucks are made to perfection. Built by fingerboarders for fingerboarders to give a realistic feel with the highest quality standards. These trucks have various color combinations to fit your setup's aesthetics. Each set of trucks comes with six lock nuts to keep your setup tight with less chance of loosening while in use. Designed to fit perfectly with 30-33mm wide decks! If Blackriver Truck hardware is needed (baseplate mounting screws or lock nuts), please be sure to purchase Blackriver Trucks First Aid Kits.

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