DecentBit Fingerboard Pod w/ Lanyard - 34mm

DecentBit Fingerboard Pod w/ Lanyard - 34mm



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Product Description

The DecentBit Pod is the ultimate fingerboard carrying/storage case. Its premium design was built with style and functionality in mind and would benefit fingerboarders who are on the go or those who have designated places for everything. The lid to the Pod features a magnetic snap-fit and a magnetic spot to hold your fingerboard tools. This feature cannot be overstated, as working with such small hardware often leads to pieces getting lost. The thick housing of the Pod is designed to keep your fingerboard safe, secure, and clean at all times.

**Fingerboard and tool not included**

**Please measure your fingerboard before purchasing See the photos to find an example**

Place fingerboard on a table on its side. Place one book flat on the table, spine touching the top side of deck, both nose and tail. Place a second book flat on the table, spine touching both wheels. Measure the gap between the two book spines. This must be less than the smallest interior dimension (e.g. less than 23mm).

Product Specifications

  • Interior Dimensions
  • Length: 100mm
  • Width: 34.5mm
  • Height: 23mm

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