DecentBit Fingerboard Ramp - Click N' Flip Kickers

DecentBit Fingerboard Ramp - Click N' Flip Kickers



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Product Description

The Click N' Flip Kickers from DecentBit feature two kickers that can be connected via magnets. You can combine them so that they become more compact for storage or so that they form a wider kicker. Alone, the kickers make for a fun obstacle, but they're best paired with other obstacles! Whether it be a ramp, ledge, or rail, the Click N' Flip Kickers are sure to breathe life into obstacles that have been collecting dust.

These can also be paired with the DecentBit Fingerboard Coffin Case to make a mini funbox!

**This product is made of high-quality PLA, which, if left in extremely hot areas (like the dashboard of a car on a hot day), can melt, deform, and shrink from its original shape/size. DO NOT leave in extreme heat**

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions for single ramp
  • Length: 95mm
  • Width: 44mm
  • Height: 25mm

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