Dynamic Fingerboard Complete - Font

Dynamic Fingerboard Complete - Font

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Product Description

Dynamic Fingerboards was founded in 2016 and is based out of Southern California; their goal is to design and create high-end fingerboard products that bridge the realism gap between fingerboards and actual skateboards.

Dynamic Fingerboard Completes consists of a deck made of 5 randomly colored plies with an actual tail and nose, where the nose is larger and the tail is more sharp. Graphics are real-wear heat transferred, which means that they'll smear and wear just real skateboard graphics!

Dynamic trucks feature a longer pivot pin and kingpin locking material so that the hanger doesn't fall off the baseplate easily. This allows you to fully customize how tight or loose your truck is.

Dynamic's Standard Shape Wheels top the complete off. They're made out of urethane and feature an asymmetrical design that allows for easy lock-ins to grinds It has a durometer of 64D, which will grip well in all terrains, and has a single high precision bearing for a silky smooth spin. The bearing does have a locking system so you won't experience any wobble! 

Product Specifications

  • Deck Length: 97mm
  • Deck Width: 32mm, 34mm
  • # of Plies: 5
  • Truck Width: Same as deck (32mm deck = 32mm truck, 34mm = 34mm, etc.)
  • Wheel Material: Urethane 64D Wheels
  • Included:1x fingerboard tool, Dynamic Tape (pre-installed)

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