Dynamic Fingerboard Special Edition Trucks - 29mm

Dynamic Fingerboard Special Edition Trucks - 29mm

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Product Description

Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks were carefully designed with materials in mind to create the feel of skateboarding at a smaller scale. The Special Edition Dynamic Trucks come with a traditional lock nut to tighten the kingpin, and premium engravings. Dynamic Trucks are designed to be used with SINGLE bearing wheels. Each set of trucks includes 2 hangers, 2 baseplates, 8 mounting screws, 4 lock nuts, 2 kingpins, 2 pivot cups, 1 bushing set pre-assembled, and 1 fingerboard tool.

Dynamic Fingerboards was founded in 2016 and is based out of Southern California; their goal is to design and create high-end fingerboard products that bridge the realism gap between fingerboards and actual skateboards.

Product Specifications

  • Package Includes:
  • 2x Trucks, 8x mounting screws, 4x lock nuts, 2x kingpin locknuts, 2x pivot cups, 1x bushing set pre-assembled, 1x tool
  • Compatibility:
  • Only compatible with SINGLE-BEARING wheels
  • Standard bushings are compatible. Washers are recommended if you are using o-ring style bushings.
  • Use only the included screws/hardware. Using other brand's hardware come with different threading that can damage the baseplate.

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