Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks - 26mm

Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks - 26mm

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Product Description

Dynamic Fingerboard Trucks were carefully designed with materials in mind to create the feel of skateboarding at a smaller scale. They feature a longer pivot pin and kingpin locking material so that the hanger doesn't fall off the baseplate easily. This allows you to fully customize how tight or loose your truck is. Dynamic Trucks are designed to be used with SINGLE bearing wheels. Each set of trucks includes 2 hangers, 2 baseplates, 8 mounting screws, 4 lock nuts, 2 kingpins, 2 pivot cups, 1 bushing set pre-assembled, and 1 fingerboard tool.

Dynamic Fingerboards was founded in 2016 and is based out of Southern California; their goal is to design and create high-end fingerboard products that bridge the realism gap between fingerboards and actual skateboards.

Product Specifications

  • Package Includes:
  • 2x Trucks, 8x mounting screws, 4x lock nuts, 2x kingpins, 2x pivot cups, 1x bushing set pre-assembled, 1x tool
  • Compatibility:
  • Only compatible with SINGLE-BEARING wheels
  • Standard bushings are compatible. Washers are recommended if you are using o-ring style bushings.
  • Use only the included screws/hardware. Using other brand's hardware come with different threading that can damage the baseplate.

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