Envy Boxed End Inserts

Envy Boxed End Inserts

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Product Description

Do you have any of the previous year Envy models and would love to have squared drop outs to make grinding a little bit easier? Well the time is now, the Envy Boxed End Inserts will allow you to turn whatever Envy deck you have into a more street style deck with boxed ends.

Product Specifications

Note: These will not work with every Envy deck out there, the following sizes will work with the following decks. 

Small: Envy One complete, Envy Colt complete, Envy Prodigy S7 & S8 complete, Envy KOS complete, the 2018 Raymond Warner and Jon Reyes AOSv4 LTD deck, the 2018 AOSv4 Standard Deck, the 2017 Jon Reyes, Raymond Warner, Wazzeh AOSv4 deck, Prodigy S8 Deck, AOSv5 Raymond 4.75" Deck, and AOSv5 Jon Reyes 4.75" Deck .

Medium: 2018 Wazzeh and Flavio Pesenti AOSv4 LTD Deck, the 2017 Charles Padel, Flavio Pesenti AOSv4 Deck, AOSv5 Jon Reyes 4.9" Deck, AOSv5 Will Scott 4.9" Deck, KOS Soul S6 Complete, KOS Charge S6 Complete, and KOS Heist S6 Complete. . 

Large:  2018 Charles Padel AOSv4 LTD deck, 2018 AOSv4 XL Deck, AOSv5 Raymond Warner 5.1" Deck, AOSv5 Charles Padel 5.1" Deck, and AOSv5 Didine 5.1" Deck.

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