Envy Jonathan Perroni Signature AOSv5 LTD Deck - 5.5" Wide

Envy Jonathan Perroni Signature AOSv5 LTD Deck - 5.5" Wide

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Product Description

Jonathan's signature AOSv5 LTD Deck comes in a sweet purple haze, and has a graphic that represents "the holiday mood good times & great times". His deck comes in two different sizes; this is the 5.5" wide by 22" long version. This size is ideal for street-style, or park-style riding if you're a taller rider. The wider deck will provide a larger lock-in point for grinds (making grinds easier to lock into), and more foot space (comfort). The deck doesn't have a completely flat bottom, but this is better because it will produce less friction, and will have a much smoother grind as a result of that. To go along with that, Envy has created plastic boxed inserts which slides like butter, and will never cave in like metal dropouts. Finally, Jonathan's deck is capable of fitting 24 and 26mm wide wheels out of the box, but is capable of fitting 30mm with Envy Conversion Spacers that are sold separately.

Product Specifications

  • Weight - 4.4 lbs
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Length - 23"
  • Width - 6"
  • Headtube Angle - 84 
  • Axle size Compatibility - 8mm
  • Wheel Diameter Compatibility - Up to 125mm
  • Wheel Width Compatibility - 24mm, 26mm (Can fit 30mm, but additional spacers are needed)
  • Peg Compatibility - NO
  • Headtube Cut-Out - YES
  • Grip Tape Included - NO
  • Hardware/Brake included - YES, 1 bolt, top mounted brake

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