Envy Street Peg - Back

Envy Street Peg - Back

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Product Description

Now that Envy has created a completely street side of their products, with Didine Terchague having their first ever 6 wide deck and the Reaper V3 bar being tall enough to accommodate taller riders, they knew they wanted to introduce a street peg. Today they're finally here, coming in 2 sizes for the Front and Black, and 2 colors being Black and Black with Chome. To make sure they are strong, Envy made the base of the peg Aluminum, and the outer shell of it Chromoly Steel so sliding wouldn't be an issue. If you're looking for a new set of pegs, then these are the ones for you!

Product Specifications

Note: The price is for 1 peg, and it does NOT come with an axle. Axles are sold SEPARATELY! 

Normally, the larger peg is intended to be ridden in the front, but this peg is intended to be ridden in the back! 

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