Ethic Brakeless Pad

Ethic Brakeless Pad

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Product Description

Ethic knows that pretty much every deck on the market comes with a brake, but not everyone uses them. A majority or riders tend to take it off completely, but that leaves one big problem. With no brake you're pretty much bound to step on your back wheel, or even rub into it while pushing.  The Ethic Wheel Guard replaces the brake you're currently riding and will prevent anything from getting in your way while riding. This guy is intended to be ridden with Ethic Decks, so if you're planning to use this with any other brand, you've been warned. 

Product Specifications

  • Material: Nylon Bolt count: 1
  • Known compatible decks: Erawan, Artefact v2, Lindworm v2, Pandemonium
  • Mounting: Bottom Mounting

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