Faymus Fingerboard Deck - Buck

Faymus Fingerboard Deck - Buck



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Product Description

Faymus fingerboard decks are handcrafted in San Diego, California, and are owned and operated by skaters. Their decks are 100% handmade with maple plies for strength, durability, and unmatched quality. Each graphic is made with extreme clarity and is heat-transferred to the deck for that real-wear smear.

Faymus has many different molds and shapes, so please reference the information below, or the photo to learn more about them!

Magyk Mold (99mm) - Their standard mold that started it all.

Dymond Mold (96.25mm) - A smaller Magyk for higher levels of response, and more technical ability.

Legynd Mold (97mm) - The kicks and concave may be mellow, but this shred sled is aggressive!

Sublym Mold (94.5mm) - This mold features a properly adjusted wheelsbase and kick angles and concave. This gives the mold a feel that is all so familiar, yet so different

Epyk Mold (98mm) - The most aggressive mold with high kicks and deep concave.

Product Specifications

  • Magyk Mold
    Length: 99mm
    Standard Wheelbase
    Medium High Kicks / Medium Concave
  • Dymond Mold 
    Length: 96.25mm
    Standard Wheelbase
    Medium High Kicks / Medium Concave
  • Legynd Mold
    Length: 97mm
    Shortened Wheelbase
    Mellow Kicks / Mellow Concave
  • Sublym Mold (94.5mm)
    Length: 94.5mm
    Shortened Wheelbase
    Medium Kicks / Medium Concave
  • Epyk Mold (98mm)
    Length: 98mm
    Standard Wheelbase
    High Kicks / Deep Concave

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