Prey Lars Michelsen Signature Nexus Wheels

Prey Lars Michelsen Signature Nexus Wheels

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Product Description

Lars Michelson is Prey's lead product designer and drew the graphic for his signature wheels by himself. His signature wheels are called Nexus, and are sold in pairs. They come in at 11.1 oz, are 110mm in diameter, and 24mm in width. This size is the industry standard and makes them compatible with almost every fork and deck on the market.

Product Specifications


  • Weight: 11.1 oz
  • Size: 110mm
  • Core Width: 24mm
  • Urethane Width: 24mm
  • Core Material: Aluminum
  • Urethane Rating: 88a
  • Bearings included: Yes, Dodge Bearings
  • Sold as: Pairs


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