Pro-Tec Knee/Elbow Pad Set

Pro-Tec Knee/Elbow Pad Set

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Product Description

Pro-tec set the industry standard when the Protec Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set series hit the scene. High-grade, durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, and full-coverage caps provide complete protection without restricting movement. The wrist brace is an ergonomically designed splint with full wrap straps that provides palm protection and wrist support without compromising your range of motion. Protec detailing throughout. Available in colorways as seen below.

Protect your knees and elbows with Pro - Tec!

This combo will not only save your skin but your wallet too!

Product Specifications

  • Measure the circumference of your elbow and knee while they are fully extended for the most accurate fit
  • Small: Elbow- 8.5" - 10", Knee- 9" - 11" 
  • Medium: Elbow- 9.5" - 11", Knee- 11" - 13" 
  • Large: Elbow- 10.5" - 12", Knee- 14" - 16" 
  • X-Large: Elbow- 11.5" - 13", Knee- 17" - 19" 

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