Redemption Abstract 7.5mm Conical Fingerboard Wheels

Redemption Abstract 7.5mm Conical Fingerboard Wheels



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Product Description

The Redemption 7.5mm Conical fingerboard wheels are constructed out of urethane and have a durometer of 105A. This provides ample amount of grip, and a satisfying squeak when you power slide. The Abstracts also have a single locked bearing to prevent wobble and have a great roll.

Redemption Fingerboards was created in early 2009 with the goal to create high quality miniature skateboards. The goal was spearheaded by the owner, Jordan Green, who began skateboarding and fingerboarding in 2000.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Urethane
  • Durometer: 105A
  • Diameter: 7.5mm
  • Width: 5mm
  • Bearings: Yes, Single Locked Bearing

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