Redemption Fingerboard Complete - Drip Pattern

Redemption Fingerboard Complete - Drip Pattern

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Product Description

Redemption Fingerboards are handmade in Michigan, and use local Michigan Maple for their plies. The deck features medium concave and medium kicks. The Abstract wheels are made of urethane and feature a durometer of 105A, which grips well and provides a great squeak when sliding. A bearing is also locked into the wheel to prevent any wobble. Finally, metal trucks with a traditional kingpin tie everything together and allow you to customize how loose or tight your trucks are.

Redemption Fingerboards was created in early 2009 with the goal to develop high-quality miniature skateboards. The goal was spearheaded by the owner, Jordan Green, who began skateboarding and fingerboarding in 2000.

Product Specifications

  • Deck Width: 32mm, 34mm
  • Truck Width: 32mm
  • Wheel Material: Urethane, 105A durometer, Single locked bearing
  • Included: hardware and tool for assembly, Foam Tape

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