Riderdesigned Wraparound Pegs

Riderdesigned Wraparound Pegs

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Product Description

The Wraparound pegs are unique in their appearance and second to none in their performance. They are designed to perfectly encapsulate the fork dropout, protecting it from impact & abrasion, and they give an unmatched amount of contact area for effortless locking in.

By extending the material underneath the axle & dropout, instead of a basic protrusion as in other pegs, Riderdesigned has reduced the amount of bending stress on the axle and fork dropout by a staggering 72.8%.

The shape of these pegs mean they can’t be rotated, so have been designed to have a significantly thicker and wider contact surface, and the striking bevelled outer face is there because the material that would be there simply isn’t needed. Being unable to rotate them also allows one side to be threaded, enabling one-tool assembly.

Wraparound pegs make use of a hardened 4140 Chromoly Steel, with a manganese phosphate outer, which is an extremely hard, jet black compound commonly used on high wear gears. It increases corrosion resistance and lowers the coefficient of friction between contact surfaces. This means that it slides better, wears less and rusts slower than regular, unfinished steel.

It also takes extremely well to hydrocarbon based lubricants, such as waxes, to further enhance its interaction with abrasive bodies. It is a chemical conversion of the surface of the steel matrix, which means that it is very thick, and it does not flake or chip off, and its superior hardness reduces the wear on the peg over time.

This product will be slightly oily when new. The oil can be wiped off and is only there to soak into the pores of the material coating to protect it long term.

Please note that due to the highly optimised geometry of this product, it is only compatible with the Riderdesigned Ceremonial Fork at this time.

Product Specifications

  • NOTE: Fork is only compatible with the Ceremonial Fork
  • Weight: 9.5 oz
  • Material: 4140 Chromoly Steel
  • Axle Size Compatibility: 8STD Only
  • Sold as: Pairs
  • Hardware Included: 70mm Axle

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