Skate 101 Fingerboard Ramp - Caution Posts

Skate 101 Fingerboard Ramp - Caution Posts

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Product Description

Skate101FB's Caution Posts are handmade with resin and are 1/12th the scale. Caution Posts are sold in pairs and would be a great addition to any fingerboard setup looking to add realism. The chance of a car hitting one of these and making a pole jam is low.. but not 0%!

Skate101FB is the product of a love for skateboarding, creating/building art, and miniature detail. Derek Contreras, the sole person behind Skate101FB, builds unique fingerboard ramps with incredible detail and realism. The obstacles resemble spots you would see walking through the streets of Reedsport, Oregon, where Derek handcrafts all the obstacles. Each obstacle is custom-made and are one of a kind pieces.

Product Specifications

  • Height: 3.4"

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