Teak Tuning Pro Diamond Encrusted Needle File - Logo Engraved w/ Rubber Handle

Teak Tuning Pro Diamond Encrusted Needle File - Logo Engraved w/ Rubber Handle



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Product Description

Introducing the secret weapon every fingerboarder needs – the "PRO Diamond Encrusted Needle File!" Say goodbye to tricky grip tape applications and hello to smooth, pro-level setups in a breeze!

Designed to make assembly easier, this magical tool is like having a grip tape guru in your pocket! With its comfort soft rubber grip and diamond-cutting surface, the "Teak Pro File" provides a grip tape job so clean, you'll impress yourself!

Teak Pro File is not just for grip jobs, easily carve your trucks into the perfect shape, then polish them smooth with the diamond toothed file cutting edge. How about a kink in your metal rail? File and polish it with the Teak Pro File.

File measures 5.5" in total length. The diamond encrusted file end measures 2" long and is 0.25" wide.

Versatile Functionality: The Teak Tuning Pro File is your all-in-one solution. Whether you're working with foam, or standard skate grip tape, this tool ensures a seamless installation, leaving your board with a professional finish every time. Plus, it's a game-changer for truck shaping, allowing you to customize your setup with ease.

Upgrade your fingerboarding game today with the "Teak Pro File" – The ultimate companion for every fingerboarder striving for perfection and style! Get ready to shred like a pro with ease – Grab yours now and let the grip tape magic begin!

1 Year Free Replacement Warranty: Teak will replace your Pro Diamond Encrusted Needle Fingerboard File at no cost to you if it wears down or breaks under normal usage within one year of your purchase. 

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