TV Trick Dice

TV Trick Dice

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Product Description

The perfect stocking stuffer has arrived! Our Trick Dice is designed to put variety in your games of SCOOT or even help you decide on a trick or combo to learn. Purchasing our Trick Dice gets you a park set and a street set.  Having two different sets of dice allows any rider to use them and brings even greater variety for those dedicated to one style or the other. This can help riders avoid burnout from doing the same routine at their local parks, or get your friends to stop doing corny tricks in games of SCOOT. 

Product Specifications

  • Park Trick List
  • Tail Whip, Heel Whip, Bar Spin, Bri Flip, Finger Whip, Bar Twist, Whip Rewind, Any Grab, Kickless
  • Modifiers
  • +1 Try, Fly Out, Air Out, 360, To Fakie
  • Street Trick List
  • Tail Whip, Heel Whip, Bar Spin, Full or Rotor Whip, Opposite Bar Spin, FS or BS Lip Slide, FS or BS 50-50, FS or BS Board Slide
  • Modifiers
  • +1 Try, Grind Rail, Grind Ledge, FS or BS 360, Switch

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