VividWood Fingerboard Pancake Deck - Less is More

VividWood Fingerboard Pancake Deck - Less is More

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Product Description

The Pancake is VividWood's largest fingerboard deck and embodies the "Go Big or Go Home" saying. A one of a kind shape that is fun to ride. The Pancake has two possible molds, the LC (low concave) or HC (high concave). LC has mellow concave and dips. HC has more concave and more pronounced dips.

Vividwood Fingerboards are based in Sydney, Australia, and has been handcrafting fingerboards of the best quality since March 2016. Each board is made by the founder of Vividwood, Brendan Low, so you can purchase a Vividwood deck with the confidence that it's gone through rigorous quality control. Decks are made in small batches, and we're proud to be one of the few vendors to stock Vividwood products in the United States!

**Color of bottom ply is random**

Product Specifications

  • Vividwood decks come in different sizes, and shapes. Please reference the product's photos to see the differences between the molds and shapes!

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