Wise Atla Boxed V2 Deck

Wise Atla Boxed V2 Deck

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Product Description

The Wise Atla Boxed V2 deck comes in at 5.7" wide, and has two different lengths being 22", and 23". The weight of the Atla V2 is 3.6 lbs, which is actually light when compared to other decks that have similar dimensions. This deck uses pegs for the back dropouts rather than the traditional square back end built into the deck. The pegs offer a larger lock in point for 5-0 grinds, and will last longer than the traditional back end since they can be replaced, and spun so that you can evenly wear the peg. Finally, the deck comes with spacers to fit 24mm, and 30mm 8 STD wide wheels as well as conversion spacers for 12 STD wheels. This makes the deck practically future proof, as you'll almost never have to worry about wheel compatibility.

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 23": 4.19 lbs
  • Length: 22", 23"
  • Width: 5.7"
  • Footspace: 22": 15.1"
    23": 16.1"
  • Material: Aluminum 6061 
  • Headtube Angle: 83.5
  • Axle Size Compatibility: M8
  • Wheel Diameter Compatibility: Up to 125mm
  • Wheel Width Compatibility: 24mm, 30mm, 12 STD
  • Peg Compatibility: Front and Back: no
  • 12 STD Compatibility: Yes
  • Grip Tape Included: No
  • Hardware/Brake Included: Brake, axle 24mm, 30mm, and 12 STD spacers are included

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