Wise Jacob Kloes Signature Deck

Wise Jacob Kloes Signature Deck

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Product Description

Jacob Kloes is an incredible rider capable of jaw-dropping-tricks that some can't even fathom. His Welcome To Wise video part was filled to the brim with them, and it was from that video we knew a signature part was in his future. Jacob's signature deck comes 6.3" wide, and 22.5" long. This larger size makes the deck ideal for “street style” riding, as it will lock into grinds effortlessly. If you've seen Jacob's riding, you know that this deck is capable of “park style” tricks, but I think that says more about Jacob's ability than anything. This deck also utilizes a forged headtube for strength that you can trust down huge sets.

Jacob's signature deck comes with spacers for 8 STD wheels that are 24mm, and 30mm wide, AND 12 STD spacers. This means that you can basically ride any wheel on the market, and you don't have to purchase any additional hardware to do so. Precut grip tape is also included so you can get to riding asap!

Here's what Jacob had to say about his signature graphic, "The reasoning behind the graphic on my sig deck is that I love nature and being surrounded in nature. When I’m not scootering I’m usually hiking, climbing, mountain biking or some other activity outdoors. I just wanted my graphic to show some of my passions other then scootering".


Product Specifications

  • Weight: 4.69 lbs
  • Length: 22.5"
  • Width: 6.3"
  • Material: Aluminum 6061
  • Headtube Manufacturing Process: Forged
  • Headtube Angle: 84
  • Axle Size Compatibility: M8
  • Wheel Diameter Compatibility: Up to 125mm
  • Wheel Width Compatibility: Up to 30mm
  • Peg Compatibility: Front: yes, Back: technically yes, but only the stock/exact replacement pegs will fit flush
  • 12 STD Compatibility: Yes
  • Grip Tape Included: Yes
  • Hardware/Brake Included: axle, 8 STD 24, and 30mm spacers, and 12 STD spacers included

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