Yellowood Fingerboard Deck - Willy

Yellowood Fingerboard Deck - Willy

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Product Description

TiLT Team rider and Undialed member Will Cashion has his own signature fingerboard! If you didn't know Will is actually an incredible fingerboarder, so Yellowood threw him on the team and gave him a signature deck. It features a super sick design with a cat thinking of its next meal. It even has an Undialed "Lit" logo on the cat to represent scootering in the fingerboard scene! The deck is 34mm wide and made to shred. Support Will and cop his signature fingerboard deck ASAP!

In case you clicked on this by mistake, we want to be clear. This product is meant to be used on fingerboards. You know teeny tiny skateboards for your fingers. NOT full-size skateboards.

Product Specifications

  • Deck Width: 33, 34mm
  • Shape: Medium Kicks, Mellow concave
  • # of Plies: 5
  • Graphic: Real Wear
  • Grip Included: Yes

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