Yellowood X4 Fingerboard Y-Trucks

Yellowood X4 Fingerboard Y-Trucks



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Product Description

Y-Trucks are some of the highest quality trucks you can buy for your fingerboard. Made with love by the Yellowood brand in Portugal, Spain. Every truck is hand made in Spain to ensure a high standard of manufacturing. The Rakdos is the X4 Y-Trucks design in the black on red colorway with a 32mm wide construction. Y-Trucks seperate themselves with their signature "Y" shape on the face of their hangers. These trucks come stock with o-ring bushings, bushing washers and Yellowoods AutoBlock VII lock nuts to keep your trucks dialed in with a less likely chance of loosening up while in use.

Product Specifications

  • Truck Width: 32mm
  • Two completely assembled Y-Trucks
  • 4 AutoBlock VII Lock Nuts
  • 8 Hexagonal Hardware Screws
  • 1 Y-Key VII Tool
  • Y-Trucks Stickers

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