Yellowood Y2 Fingerboard Y-Wheels - DualL

Yellowood Y2 Fingerboard Y-Wheels - DualL



Product Description

Y-Wheels, made by the famous Yellowood brand. Handcrafted with love from Portugal, Spain. These Y-Wheels utilize a 60D urethane mixture, lathed to 7.6mm in size. The dual ABEC7 pre-lubricated bearing is designed with a one-sided dust shield to protect the bearings while giving you a smoother roll! Each wheel is hand painted using a specialty graphic process to be as realistic to skateboard wheels as possible! These wheels are designed for the yellow ring to be visible on the outside of the fingerboard trucks!

Product Specifications

  • Note: Y-Wheels are only compatible with Y-Trucks! They will not work with any other Fingerboard trucks!
  • These wheels come with the following:
  • Eight bearings
  • Plastic jewelry box
  • Four wheels
  • Urethane: 60D hardness
  • Manufacturing process: Professionally lathe
  • Bearing Variation: Dual Bearing (Specific to Y-Trucks ONLY)
  • ABEC Rating: ABEC7
  • Truck C

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