Yellowood Y3 Fingerboard Y-Wheels - Graphic Checkers

Yellowood Y3 Fingerboard Y-Wheels - Graphic Checkers



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Product Description

The Y3 Ywheels have a durometer of 65D and is the hardest wheels that Yellowood makes. Dual bearings are used in Ywheels which have more contact with the axle. More contact means that it is more stable so there is less wobbles, and no jamming! These wheels are designed to fit perfectly on Ytrucks.

Product Specifications

  • Note: Y-Wheels are only compatible with Y-Trucks! They will not work with any other Fingerboard trucks!
  • These wheels come with the following:
  • Eight bearings
  • Plastic jewelry box
  • Four wheels
  • Urethane: 65D hardness
  • Manufacturing process: Professionally lathe
  • Bearing Variation: Dual Bearing (Specific to Y-Trucks ONLY)
  • ABEC Rating: ABEC7
  • Truck C

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